Common Wealth

China is adding the equivalent of 500-megawatt coal-fired plants per week - the total capacity of the UK power grid.
p. 75 Common Wealth

U.S. military spending in 2006 was nearly equal to the military spending of the rest of the world combined.

Human pressures on the Earth’s ecosystems and climate, unless mitigated substantially, will cause dangerous climate change, massive species extinctions, and the destruction of vital life-support functions.
p. 6 Common Wealth

One day’s Pentagon spending would provide enough funds to ensure antimalarial bed net protection for every sleeping site in Africa for five years.
p. 274 Common Wealth

By adopting a number of practical low-carbon technologies, we can bring the climate change problem under control at modest cost, indeed a far lower cost than the horrendous climate risks we face with business as usual.
p. 103 Common Wealth

We have reached the beginning of the twenty-first century with a very crowded planet: 6.6 billion people living in an interconnected global economy producing an astounding $60 trillion of output each year.
p. 17 Common Wealth



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